Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is CyMUN 2017 and where will it be held?
CyMUN 2017 will take place from March 3rd to March 5th, 2017 at the premises of the University of Nicosia. If you are coming from abroad, it is recommended to be present one day earlier in Cyprus to ensure that you are on time for the first day of the event.

2. How much is the delegate fee? What is included in the fee?
The delegate fee is €50 per person, and it includes all the material required for the event, coffee breaks as well as lunch during the days of the conference. It also includes transportation from down town Nicosia (Solomou square) to the University and back (you need to register in advance if you will require transportation). It does not include any accommodation, optional excursions and/or social events.
Delegates will receive acceptance/rejection notification electronically, along with information on how they can pay the fee if they are accepted.

3. I have never participated in Model United Nations before. Can I still apply for the conference?
No prior MUN experience is needed, as we believe that one always needs a place to start from, and we believe CyMUN will be that place for you. We look forward to welcoming you!

4. When is the deadline for registration to attend CyMUN 2017?
The deadlines for Chairs applications is on November 15, 2016 and the delegates deadline on December 9, 2016. However, we may be able to accept late applications for delegates.

5. What happens after I register? How do I know that my payment has been received?
As a first step you do not have to make any payment until your application has been accepted. Once you have been accepted you will be notified to make a payment (50EUR) and you will receive the payment details.

6. Does CyMUN provide refunds for cancellation of attendance?
CyMUN does not offer refunds for cancellations, unless the event itself is cancelled.

7. Can I attend CyMUN alone or do I have to be part of a delegation?
You may either attend the conference alone or as part of a delegation.

8. How do I prepare for the conference?
Depending on the Committee and the topic, the Chairs will get in touch with each delegate to prepare a position paper regarding their assigned topic. To write your paper, you need to ensure you have done extensive research in regards to your topic. provides great advice concerning preparation. Please check

9. How do I write my position paper?
Position papers are academic-grade essays that will be requested to be prepared by each delegate, regarding the topic of their assigned Committee. You may find more information on the CyMUN website under “Resources”.

10. Does CyMUN require an opening speech by each delegate?
No, CyMUN does not require an opening speech by each delegate.

11. Is it obligatory to stay at the recommended/official accommodation? Can CyMUN help me find alternative accommodation?
CyMUN does not have any official accommodation partners. However, the organizing committee has arranged for transportation to and from down town Nicosia where delegates can choose to stay in a number of hotels in that area. If delegates choose to stay somewhere else, they are responsible for their own transportation to and from the University. You can find more information regarding accommodation on the CyMUN website under “Resources  accommodation”

12. How can I arrange transportation from and to the airport?
As CyMUN does not provide transportation to and from the airport, each delegate is solely responsible for arranging the necessary means of transport.
There are taxi and bus services that allow you to arrive into the city quickly and efficiently.
We recommend the delegates use the Airport Shuttle service and then easily take a taxi to the accommodation.

Kapnos Airport Shuttle:
Cyprus’ only scheduled Shuttle Network operates between Nicosia and the two international airports of the Island. The company offers 38 scheduled routes between Nicosia and Larnaca International Airport. At €8 per person, you can get the best available rate from and to Larnaca International Airport and transportation from or to Paphos International Airport costs only €15 per person.
Contact Info:
• Tel: +357 24 008718
• Operation Hours: 07.30 to 23.00 hrs. Monday to Sunday (Cyprus time, UTC/GMT+2 hours)
• Web-site:
Alternatively, you may book a taxi directly from the airport to the accommodation which roughly costs 50Euro.

13. Are there any social activities planned? Must I attend the social activities?

There are some social activities planned even though they are not yet confirmed. Although they are not obligatory to attend, it is highly encouraged, as it will enhance the overall conference experience. Price for packages will be announced shortly, but they will not exceed 15Euro.

14. Is there time to go to the beach and/or do other activities outside the program?
This is up to each delegate if he/she wants to stay longer or come prior to the event. The organizers will not offer any trips to the beach or elsewhere.

15. I am from outside the European Union, do I need a Visa?
This depends where you come from (state that issued your passport). For more information: It is highly recommended to contact your Embassy for more accurate information. Please note that CyMUN is NOT responsible for issuing visas.

16. What is the weather like in Cyprus in March?
The weather in Cyprus is generally very good throughout the year. For more information regarding the weather please visit the official Cyprus Tourist Organization website

17. Is there a specific dress code for the conference?
Yes, the dress code is Business Formal.

18. Will there be awards given out?
Yes. At the end of the conference, awards will be presented (a) to the best delegates, (b) to the best delegation and (c) to the best position paper based on their position paper. Furthermore, the best delegate will also have the opportunity to participate in next year’s Rome MUN through the “Best Delegate Exchange” agreement we have with the Giovani nel Mondo Association. The Exchange program covers the accommodation and conference fees but NOT the travelling expenses (e.g. flights).

19. Will there be any scholarships offered?
Participating high school students will receive a 15% scholarship for their studies at the University of Nicosia (with the exception of Medical School).

20. Is there disability access to the venue of the conference?
Yes, there are ramps and elevators to enable easy access for anyone with disabilities. If you require additional support during the conference, please send us an email at

21. If you have any further questions please contact us at: